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Social Justice

Culture Shifting

Resilience Building

Envisioning a Different World


What are you looking for?

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This work is 

My one-on-one work bridges the gap between consultations and counseling. I call them “Counsultations.” As an early childhood abuse survivor, as a trans non-binary and disabled person, and as a white person who holds a lot of privilege around my trauma and marginalization, I feel that we need to be living in another world, one that includes care around wounds and trauma, and one that is built around equity and justice for everyone, one that prioritizes our wholeness over our productivity. I want to work with everyone who believes that another world is possible, and who wants to be a part of the Culture Shift. I want to work with people who may feel overwhelmed by these times we’re in, but who trust that there are ways to build resilience and to build something different.


A lot of my work helps people clarify:

  • What world do I want to live in?

  • How can I contribute to building that world?

  • How am I centering justice and equity for people most impacted by oppression in my contributions?

  • What do I need to heal within myself to make these contributions?

  • How can I feel whole and resilient in my life?

I primarily work with:

  • People with trauma, anxiety, or other mental illness who have tried therapy but think that other forms of healing may be helpful as well to address ways that living in our dominant culture contributes to mental illness.

  • Cisgender and/or white people looking to understand cultural oppression, both ways it has affected them and how to deepen their work around living their values of anti-racism and gender inclusion.

  • LGBTQ people, especially trans and genderqueer people, looking to heal their internalized oppression and trauma.

  • White people with other marginalizations and/or childhood trauma, on holding and healing our oppression and trauma while also fighting for justice and equity for People of Color, and understanding the ties between the two.

  • People open to integrating spirituality into the work, including grounding practices and mindfulness, Tarot, and nature-based spirituality.


This work is:

  • Embodied. We work somatically to rewrite patterns in our bodies around our wounds, daily functioning, and our relationship to oppression, whether it is from an oppressor or oppressed perspective (or more likely, both). Healing in the brain is only part of it - healing wounds, trauma, and re-writing patterns around oppression requires deep work with the body as well.

  • Relationship-based. Transformation happens with trust, and trust is built with time. We will focus on relationship-building as we work on your healing together - expect regular check-ins, practice expressing needs and boundaries and having them honored, moving through conflict together, and learning and practicing communication that will ripple outwards to other relationships.

  • Collective. Your own healing is part of a larger collective healing that is needing to happen right now, that spreads outwards to all other humans, and other non-human beings- all animal creatures and plant creatures on this Earth, and the Earth itself. When people and beings around us are hurting, it hurts us too. When we are not feeling like we are able to be in our own power and autonomy, for many different reasons, we can continue oppressive patterns we see around us or that we’ve been taught. If you are looking for honest and open work together on how to undo your own oppressive behaviors, and grow resilience around ways you’ve been oppressed (and spread it outwards to other people you know), we may be a good fit.

  • Healing. For me, my goal isn’t happiness or wellness, but wholeness and resilience. I was taught about happiness, worthiness, and wellness as something I could attain and that I should always be pursuing, buying courses or products to feel a certain “good” way each day. You will not always feel well or happy after we work together - I truly think that happiness and wellness are  myths that keeps us spending money in an economic system that thrives off of us being distressed through overwork and underpay. However, the goal I have is that you will feel more aware and present of your own ability to be resilient, to process and notice different patterns of power and oppression in your body and in interactions in your life (both how you’ve been oppressed and how you may be oppressing others), to have awareness around creating joy and connection in your life, and to feel a sense of wholeness. To me, wholeness is a feeling that comes with a mixture of rewarding relationships with others and with yourself, and the sense that you are living your values as much as possible. We'll talk about your goals as well, but if any of this resonates with you, let's work together. What is healing to you?

To read testimonials, click here. 

If you want to see more of my work and get a better idea of what I do and how these modalities may support each other, I suggest looking at my Patreon. 


For People of Color looking for healing work or resilience work around anti-oppression, I can offer referrals if you do not want to work with a white person.

All workshops involving racism and white people involves a 10% donation of earnings to organizations and individuals who are marginalized by racism every day. For more information click here.



I release content frequently for my Patrons that encompass all of the work I do in envisioning a different, more collective and healing world. This includes workshop write-ups, regular tarot readings and mindfulness recordings, trauma management tools, essays on trauma and anti-oppression, and more. 

Some of my Patrons support me for my specific content, and others want to make sure that I have regular income to support the anti-oppression work I do. As a disabled trans non-binary person, this work can get exhausting, though this is definitely the work I am meant to do. I minimize my cost of living (I live out of an incredible van - follow me on Instagram for photos of it, and more!) so that I can do this work outside of a capitalist framework when possible and keep my work accessible. My Patreon is a big part of this work of making the work I do sustainable and nourishing to me in the long run. 

I always make sure that there is an abundance of free content on my Patreon because I believe that anti-oppression work should be accessible. Please visit it, let me know what you think, and what you would like to see on there!


Creative Projects for a Different World

Workshops and Consulting

Culture shifting for businesses and organizations looking to prioritize:

  • Transgender and non-binary inclusion

  • White people working on undoing our internalized racism

  • Relationship building and conflict resolution

  • Integrating trauma-informed practices into your work

For a list of past workshops, click here.

For testimonials from past clients and workshop participants, click here. 

To get a better idea of my work and my approach, including seeing past workshop write-ups and relevant trauma tools, visit  my Patreon. 

All workshops focusing on racism with white people involves a 10% donation of proceeds to organizations and individuals who are marginalized by racism every day. For more information click here.​



These anonymous testimonials span many different identities: People of Color, white, cisgender, transgender, non-binary, disabled, able-bodied, neurodivergent, and neurotypical, living with trauma and/or PTSD, of many different ages, among other diverse identities. 

I was struck in Dylan’s workshop by their intuitive facilitation. They addressed challenging moments with tenderness and curiosity, all while powerfully illuminating oppressive dynamics before they even appeared. I came away feeling a major level-up in my understanding of the complexity at play in power and oppression, and renewed heart to keep on the path of liberation.

About Dylan

About Dylan


I bring into my work

Relationship Building


Pronouns: they/them are favorites, he/she are also fine (a bit about that)




Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/he/she) looks to connect deeply with everyone who wants to create a world based in justice and connection that we know is possible. Their combination of life experiences as a childhood abuse survivor and holding both oppressed and oppressor identities informs their liberation work with people across many different identities, focusing first on trauma healing, surviving, and thriving. They believe that connection and closeness are necessary to see oppression crumble. Growing up in a hyper-racist, hyper-homophobic area, they believe that white people need to connect with each other through support rather than shame and blame to keep each other committed to undoing our own racism and to grow the white anti-racist movement. They are especially passionate about bringing fellow trans, queer, and disabled white people along in seeing how our own liberation and mental wholeness is deeply tied to ending white supremacy, while centering POC liberation. 

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. - Arundhati Roy

My Lineage of Colleagues and Teachers

Part of undoing white supremacy culture involves naming our teachers, honoring our lineage, owning that we would not be experts in our fields without the help and mentorship of other people in my life. Here are some of the people and organizations that I owe my own facilitation experience and skills to:

I owe an immense amount of gratitude to these teachers and organizations, some of whom are colleagues, who have played a primary role in shaping both my approach to the work I do and my analysis of oppression:

I also want to acknowledge and thank these colleagues and teachers who have influenced my work over the years:

  • Niema Lightseed - Radical Well-Being

  • Nancy Shanteau - coaching

  • Draegan Laurin - embodied practices around oppression and white culture

  • rain crowe - undoing white supremacy and resilience through spirituality

  • Everyday Feminism – Sandra Kim – compassionate activism and decolonized activism

  • My LGBTQ sorority I was a part of in college, Gamma Rho Lambda, where I first felt an embodied feeling of visibility and community, and that included a deep dedication to gender and sexuality education in our pledge process

  • Rick Hanson – neurobiology and mindfulness skills 

  • Many therapists who helped me recover from my childhood abuse and learn countless tools for trauma-informed care and breaking abuse and oppressive cycles

  • Local organizers, including from Ending the Prison Industrial Complex Seattle, No New Youth Jail Seattle, Block the Bunker Seattle, European Dissent, and Coalition for Anti-Racist Whites


Ready to Connect?

Contact me about counseling, to schedule a workshop or consulting work, or to ask me a question. Or if you want to stay in the loop about future events with me, sign up for my email list

If you want to contact me specifically about Accountability around a concern you have about oppressive behavior of mine, please click here. 

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