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Businesses and Organizations

We work with organizations, schools, businesses, and communities to create long-term change.

We do not use shame and blame in doing this work, but model self-inquiry and help your organization to build strong relationship around having hard conversations and creating action around LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

We have worked with:

  • Schools and preschools

  • Therapists and therapy training institutes

  • Hospitals and medical practices

  • Tribal organizations and schools

  • Universities

  • Policy organizations

  • Environmental consultants

  • Cideries and restaurants

  • Yoga studios

  • Personal communities: for example extended families, co-housing and friend groups, dance communities, online communities

Although we always customize our offerings to the culture and needs of a specific organization, our offerings often center around three different themes:

  • Educating people who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community but want to support

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ people that want to heal and build resilience to oppression in their communities

  • Facilitating conversations and mediating conflicts for people across different identities

We always include a lens of other lenses of oppression as well: for example: racial, cultural, disability, sexism, classism, and power dynamics within an organization. We will bring in facilitators from our racial justice sibling organization, Holistic Resistance, if it is helpful. 

Please fill out the form below to contact us and see if our organizations may be a good fit for each other.

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Let's work together: initial inquiry

The questions below are the building blocks of our ability to customize curriculum and directly support your organization in dismantling oppression.This allows us to build custom curriculum that addresses your organization’s unique story around race, gender, and sexual orientation.


We invite you to be as honest as possible in answering this initial questionnaire. We do not use shame or blame when working with people. We understand that oppression has been embedded in our culture and that dismantling it is a messy process. Your unedited answers will be held with care and an intention of healing. We will contact you after reviewing the information from your answers.

I would like this training to be:
Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch with you shortly.
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