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Trans Parenting Program

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Current Programs:

Drop-In: Monthly Parent Support Group 
3rd Wednesdays of every month, 6-8 PM Pacific Time

  • We will use a combination of group and pair work to address questions concerns that parents in the room

  • Connection and building community with other parents is a focus for our time together

  • No shame, blame, or judgment - bring your hardest questions and emotions because we guarantee you are not alone in them!

RSVP for Location
Sliding Scale $100-$20/session
No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds

1-on-1 Support

In-person, Video and Phone Options

Custom support for your own family, specific topics, and crises. 

Our Parents Say:

“My wife and I are new to transgender parenting and the classes run by Dylan and Jennie were a true lifesaver. Dylan and Jennie walked us through the many and complex aspects of transgender parenting in the two series we took. We felt safe in the confidentiality and learned a lot from the other parents in the class. We’ve made many connections to friends and resources within this community through these classes. We feel so much more prepared, confident and supported for the journey ahead. Thanks Dylan and Jennie.”

Common Topics

  • Social transition

  • Grieving your child changing

  • Medical transition questions

  • Supporting your child's multiple identities - for example race, disability, neurodivergence, class, trauma survivor

  • Terms and definitions as needed

Our approach:

  • In community with parents and transgender facilitators, we learn a lot through sharing vulnerable stories and asking each other questions - parents can't often ask transgender adults and other cisgender allies questions about what they or their child is going through

  • A carefully HELD container - your whole process is welcome - your tears, your anger, your joy - from when you are struggling to get along with your child, to grieving their changing identities or former name, to processing changing relationships with unsupportive friends and family members

  • Caring specifically for children and families with multiple-marginalized identities are baked into everything we do. More often than not, 2SLGBTQ+ kids and their families are navigating other complex identities as well, and we want to back your whole experience and the complexities that come with that. 

  • We use connection: We do not use shame, blame, or judgment to teach. 

  • We teach tools for supporting each other as parents for ongoing processing beyond our time together. 

  • We use questions as a way to get deeper into this material in a supported environment.

  • We notice what is in the room and adapt: We have many directions we can take our work based on what is most important to the parents in the room.

  • We use the body: the body holds our deepest wisdom around what is coming up for us supporting our gender expansive child. We invite folks in grounding practices and ask questions about what sensations we are noticing in our bodies throughout the time together.  

  • We meet you where you're at, and push you to grow. Because parenting and gender are often stressful and vulnerable for folks to process in community, we use a trauma-centered focus in how we work. You get choice as to how you show up.

  • All the work we do is optional, and our approach ranges from pair-work to whole group work, questions to role plays and scenarios.

Want a preview of how we work?

Join this online self-paced course on parenting-specific topics: 

Need basic help with definitions? Start here:

Need practice with your child's pronouns?

To Ask Questions or Register:

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