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We dream of a world where...

...All gender expansive and queer people feel safe and supported in their workplaces, communities, and homes. We thrive in our bodies, hearts, and minds. We thrive economically and socially.

We dream of a world where all people feel whole.

We are passionate working with cisgender people from all walks of life who want to work alongside us to create this world where we all feel whole. 
What we offer:

Business Consultation

Workshop Facilitation

Conflict Mediation

Parent and Family Support

Individual Coaching 
A transmasculine gender-nonconforming person and transfeminine non-binary person drinking
We work with cisgender and heterosexual people so that they have a productive environment where they can learn, ask questions, and be allies in co-creating this world. 

We mentor LGBTQIA+ youth and adults in mental wellness, including: building resilience against microaggressions, planning for economic security, and navigating their own hurts and wounds as they build relationships. 
We use:
  • Embodiment
  • Slow pace
  • Questions 
  • Non-judgment 
  • Practice
  • And a caring relationship with our clients
To accomplish this. 

Our focus is on:


We offer workshops and long-term organizational relationships focused on:

  • Definitions, gendered language and pronoun support

  • Navigating conflict within schools and workplaces

  • Holding complexity across different marginalized groups

  • Examining everyone’s wounds around gender and conflict and how this plays a part

  • Using PRACTICE as a key part of how we learn, in a shame/blame-free environment

We offer parent, family, and partner support groups for people navigating their own process with their LGBTQIA+ loved ones. 

Conflict Mediation

We support finding resolution in long-term and short-term conflicts in:

  • Workplaces

  • Family

This sometimes looks like longer-term individual support calls with one or both parties while pracitcing coming together over time. 

Having a trained third-party present helps both people or groups stay present, regulate their own emotions, and increases the chance for productive communication. . 

Mental Health Support

One-on-one coaching and mentorship for youth and adults of all identities, icluding parent, family, and partner support of 2SLGBTQIA+ People


We mentor 2SLGBTQIA+ youth and adults as well as allies in mental wellness, including:

  • somatic practices for coming into your body 

  • building resilience against microaggressions

  • planning for economic security,

  • navigating your own hurts and wounds as you build relationships. 

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