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TransIntimate will soon be released! It is an upcoming part-online course, part-mini podcast series, part-live zoom workshop based on getting to know trans people deeper than definitions of gender (and yes, you'll get access to those basic definitions, too). There's so much more to us than the pronouns and bathrooms we use, than "I'm a man" or "I'm a woman" or "I'm nonbinary." Join me on this journey of hearing and understanding us more deeply.

You get to decide what you participate in and how deep you go.


Learn here rather than with the trans folks in your life, so that you can get closer to trans people and care more deeply in the present for your trans loved ones, employees, colleagues, partners, lovers, and friends. Learn many different aspects of our lives, what we are navigating every day that remains invisible to most cisgender people.

Subscribe below to hear when it launches. More details will be up soon!

In the mean time - enjoy the Intro mini-podcast and let me know what you think!

TransIntimate IntroDylan Wilder Quinn
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