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Pronoun Project

Second Breakout Room:

I invite you to "unedit" your responses as much as possible, to be vulnerable about parts of yourself that may be harder to share. I invite you to hold each other in non-judgment without shame or blame. 

Take a few seconds to flip through the pages and pick one photograph to sit with.


Notice the gender identity and pronouns that the people have and use in the photograph. 

Take 3 minutes to share out loud with your partner: 


1. Were these the pronouns and gender identities you expected? Why?

2. What features does this person have that make you assume a certain gender? Talk about as many different genders as you see. (This is data about yourself and what characteristics you associate with particular genders. This is not about how this person is expressing their gender correctly or incorrectly.)


3. Try to deeply see this person and their gender identity. Share what comes up for you or what sensations and emotions you notice in your body. 

Partner: Reflect what you heard your partner say or noticed their body language or tone change. It's not about getting reflecting perfectly, or all of it, but about holding what your partner shared and relating to them about it without judgment.

Then, switch. 

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