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Pronoun Project

First Breakout Room:

I invite you to "unedit" your responses as much as possible, to be vulnerable about parts of yourself that may be harder to share. I invite you to hold each other in non-judgment without shame or blame. 

Take at least a minute to flip through the pages and look at the different bodies that you see.

Take 3 minutes to flip through the pages again and share out loud with you partner: 

1. What does it feel like in your body, to see these many different trans and nonbinary people?

2. What emotions do you notice when looking at certain photos? 


Notice especially any photos where you feel: curiosity, enchantment, disgust, anger, confusion, arousal. Or notice a strong desire NOT to feel these emotions. Share out loud if you're able. 

Partner: Reflect what you heard your partner say or noticed their body language or tone change. It's not about getting reflecting perfectly, or all of it, but about holding what your partner shared and relating to them about it without judgment.

Then switch. 

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