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SPECIAL: Wildly Healed celebrates its Launch!

On the Fall Equinox this year, bringing the balance of the joy of lightness and the mystery of darkness into this world, we celebrated Wildly Healed's growing business and new Neuron Attunement offering for clients. Neuron Attunements are customized mindfulness sessions that are centered on re-wiring the most stressed, anxious parts of your brain so that when these thoughts arise, they are replaced with thoughts of resilience and joy.

We feasted on salmon together, received vedic massages from Lela Becker of Stay Floppy Seattle, practiced honest connection with each other through Authentic Relating Games with Carey French,, and then deeply meditated the power of darkness into ourselves in then danced ourselves into Wild Healing! It was a beautiful night and I am still so grateful for the extraordinary feelings of support from my dear community.

Enjoy the photos (mostly taken by Rob Reed, and edited by yours truly), and let me know what your favorite part of the night was!

Wildly Healed banner

Colorful brain
Authentic Relating Games circle
Floor massage

Joyful in the aerials
Connecting in the aerials

Laughter over food

Connection during dinner

Connection during dinner
Speaking about Wildly Healed Neuron Attunements

Connection during dinner
Mindfulness at the Tarot Altar

Thank you to all who made this such a special night! I'm looking forward to meditating, divining, and healing with you all!

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