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SPECIAL PODCAST: Staying Floppy with Lela Becker and Nick Goodman

My life was drastically changed a few months ago when I was contacted by my first self-proclaimed Facebook "stalker." Despite her chosen label, Lela Becker was neither creepy nor overbearing, and when we went and got coffee, I was delighted to find a wild and kindred spirit in passionately healing people. Lela follows each of her passions with energy and laughter, and her work includes tantra life coaching with her company Stay Floppy Seattle, teaching yoga and offering Vedic massage with Eko Yoga, and co-creating and writing for the budding queer women's blog

I was honored to have Wildly Healed featured recently on a Podcast with Lela and her colleague and fellow life coach with Stay Floppy Seattle, Nick Goodman. These two humans were a delight to chat with. We talked neuroscience and tarot, which also seemed to cover topics like dental floss, sex, Vietnam in two different contexts, what it really means when a person's eyes dilate in your presence, and the most personal story from me: what led me on my path to be a healer.

Enjoy listening, and let me know what came up for you.

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