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QOW: How can we embrace our inner Fool?

The Fool is our innermost child. I don’t mean that wounded part of us that still needs healing parenting – I’m sure that will come up in plenty of readings, later. I want to focus on the Inner Child who fearlessly wanders into new adventures because they’re curious and excited, who gets so excited to learn how their bike works that they take it apart before they think about having to put it back together, who runs off through the woods naked picking fresh, plump berries off of their stalks. This is the Child who hasn’t yet learned that they have a parent who will stop them, shouting the words “No!” and “Safety first!” This child is curious with the innocence of not yet experiencing too many traumas in their world. In our adult world, this Inner Child shows up when they want to shake their booty on the dance floor, stomp their feet around a bonfire, and let loose to the deep jazz of Mardi Gras in New Orleans or the rhythms of Carnaval. This child is wild.

Have fun diving into the whole Fool spread in my video, and tell me how you brought your inner Fool into your world this week.

I am still offering free Tarot Readings for healing for People of Color following the shootings of Black and Latinx people this week and last week. Please email me at to set up your readings.

This Friday, July 22, is one of two Pay-What-You-Can Fridays this month where you choose how much you can pay for a tarot reading. You can sign up for a slot at

I use “they” in my blogs rather than “he,” “she,” or “he or she” because it’s simpler, faster, and inclusive of all people who don’t fall along the gender spectrum as either a “he” or a “she.” Conveniently, I’m one of those people, so I’m working to create a world where I belong.

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