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QOW: What is the best thing we could be doing this week to heal ourselves?

Trauma etches deep into our bodies; so does healing. Where there has been deep pain there will also be deep joy. Where we have bled, we will weep with the healing that has pumped its way into our hearts.

This has been a traumatic week for our Black and Brown family in the U.S., and an awakening and re-awakening for our white siblings. The fight-or-flight parts of our brains are firing more often and more strongly than before, and we need to take some time to calm down those neurons and heal as we figure out our next steps. How do we move forward from here? What can we do to heal from this week of trauma and upheaval?

Breathe deeply as you watch the video above about the whole healing spread. What are you doing to heal yourself this week?

For Black people and non-Black POC, I’m offering free tarot readings this week and next for healing. Go ahead and visit my website ( and use the “Contact Me” form to schedule a reading.

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