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Trans Parenting ProgramMix Mix 'n' Match Summer Dates - choose what works for you!
Limited to 12 Participants

My child just came out as ____.
Now what?

  • To feel the grief of your child changing. Maybe you even feel like you’re losing your child, or the dreams that you had for your child’s life. 

  • To process the fear of safety 

  • To be with your confusion

  • To explore how to talk about it with your child and with others

  • To share what is hard for you to talk about...maybe even the part of you that deeply wishes your child wasn’t trans or nonbinary 

  • To be deeply held in your process in a shame-free, blame-free environment

And be with other parents and adults having similar experiences, to notice that you can have strong and supportive community around what can feel like a really isolating experience.


If you’re not trans or nonbinary yourself, you may never get to fully understand your child’s experience of wanting to explore their gender identity, of wanting to learn to be more fully in their body...but you can be with them for the journey, and maybe even get closer to each other along the way. 

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One of the MOST IMPORTANT ways to support your child is to GET SUPPORT yourself. I know it sounds like a cheesy self-help book, but hear me out. 

As a parent who loves and deeply cares for your child, it is impossible to support your child in this process without sometimes projecting your fears, concerns, and even your own hurts around gender onto your child. Often parents try to prevent their kid from exploring, or don’t know how to have these conversations with their child, or aren’t sure how to best advocate for their kid. Our intentions are loving, but in the long run, we may end up hurting our relationship with our child and preventing them from having the tools that they need to navigate their own body in the transphobic world that we’re in. 


It’s CRITICAL, LIFE-SAVING, and RELATIONSHIP-SAVING between you and your child that you get support OUTSIDE of your relationship:

to register, for more information or if you have questions.

Choose the dates that work for you based on your summer schedule

Or we'd love to have you the whole summer!

Wednesdays, 6 PM - 8 PM Pacific Time

Choose any or all of the following dates:

June 29
July 6

July 13

July 27
August 3

August 17

August 31

Space is limited to 12 participants - to keep it intimate, relational and custom to what you are navigating. 

Course cost includes two online courses: TransLiterate and Pronoun Project

MIx 'n' Match:

Recommended Cost: $100/session

Sliding Scale: $50-$150/session

Accessibility is a top priority for us in this work.

Choose your payment for this Mix 'n' Match program: we suggest a sliding scale of $50-$150/session. ​

Pay more if you are able, as it directly allows us to offer this work at accessible rates & funds our other work that we do for free.


We are committed to offering a sliding scale, particularly for LGBTQIA folks, People of the Global Majority (People of Color), people with disabilities, & people with low income. Please get in touch with us if you are also in need of further scholarship. We want you in this work! Payment plans are always available - email to share your payment plan needs.

Sample Curriculum
Changes based on needs of the parents each week.

Week 1

Supporting your questions and your process, noticing your relationship with your child.

Week 3

Processing changes in your child, past, present, and future possibilities: name, pronouns, hormones, surgeries.

Week 5

Safety and Advocacy: Advocating for your child, and teaching your child to advocate for themselves.

Week 7

Practice: Having challenging conversations with others about your child.

Week 2

Visioning your future relationship with your child. Exploring your own gender, and trans and gender expansive people.

Week 4

Strategies and practice around having those harder conversations with your child.

Week 6

Practice: Teaching your child to advocate for themselves. with friends, family, teachers, doctors, and therapists.

Week 8

Intro to Talking about Sex and Dating with gender expansive children.

Our approach:

  • We use connection: We do not use shame, blame, or judgment to teach. 

  • We teach tools for supporting each other as parents for ongoing processing beyond our 8 weeks together.

  • We use questions as a way to get deeper into this material in a supported environment.

  • We notice what is in the room and adapt: We have many directions we can take our work based on what is most important to the parents in the room.

  • We use the body: the body holds our deepest wisdom around what is coming up for us supporting our gender expansive child. We invite folks in grounding practices and ask questions about what sensations we are noticing in our bodies throughout the time together.  

  • We meet you where you're at, and push you to grow. Because parenting and gender are often stressful and vulnerable for folks to process in community, we use a trauma-centered focus in how we work. You get choice as to how you show up.

  • Additional topics we may cover:

    • Mental Health, Anxiety, and Depression

    • Socializing and chosen family

    • Resilience-building

    • Hearing feedback or anger from your child

    • Navigating the medical system and therapists

Want a preview of how we work?

Join this online 7-day parenting program: 

Need basic help with definitions? Start here:

Need practice with your child's pronouns?

To Ask Questions:

Meet the facilitators:



believes closeness is necessary to dismantle oppression. Their combination of life experiences as a childhood abuse survivor and holding both oppressed and oppressor identities informs their liberation work. 

They believe that undoing oppression and allyship can be deeply healing for both ourselves and others. 


They are passionate about working with cisgender people to more fully hear and hold transgender people's stories, and building all people's resilience for systemic change. They founded TransLiterate in 2015 and TransIntimate in 2020, to build connection and skill-building for cisgender people who want to be close to transgender people to know us beyond our pronouns. They have been working closely with parents of trans and gender expansive youth for three years.

Dylan mentors trans and nonbinary people to survive oppression, build capacity for social justice, see their own greatness and bring their work into the world. 

They are a part of a Black-led team called Holistic Resistance, founded by Aaron Johnson and Porsha Beed, focused on lifting up People of Color and supporting white people who want to learn to undo their racism.

For more info visit: and



is a facilitator, yoga teacher, and bodyworker who leads with emotion and embodiment in liberation work. Coming into her queer identity in her adult life, she feels dedicated to creating brave space for youth and their caretakers to explore what makes them feel most whole. Jennie’s experience teaching in public schools, at universities, and in juvenile detention centers has deepened her appreciation and connection with youth of all ages. Through deep inquiry and presence, Jennie is continually curious about how folx who hold privileged identities can begin to hold more complexity. She is in intimate partnership with a transgender person, and has been doing advocacy work with cisgender folks for the past three years. She works with other cisgender people and white folx to build resilency and community. She’s dedicated to reimagining a world where we see each other’s humanity, repair when we cause harm, and build skills for long-term connection. She founded and facilitates Wake Up: a group for white-identified people who want to unlearn their racism and white supremacy culture from the inside out. She is part of a larger team of liberation activists...for more info visit

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